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Bearded Fox Beard Balms & Oils

Bearded Fox Beard Balms & Oils

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Made in Iowa, by Bearded Fox Co.! The scent for Drunk Grandpa scent is a nod to when I was growing up. My Saturday tradition was to go fishing with my grandpa. It was just him and me.  Thus, allowing him to partake in his two vices; sips of whiskey, and his cherry pipe tobacco. It was our little secret.  Imagine the smell of that day (minus the fishiness, of course

Named after the greatest of old-style greaser haircuts...the Scumbag Boogie.  This is not your typical “walking into the barbershop“ scent.  Scumbag Boogie is the smell of the pomade in your hair, the powdered neck duster, and the warmed shaving cream for the neck shave.  

The scent for Hipster Doofus is dedicated to that one know, slouched beanie 24/7/365, skinny jeans, knows every barista within a 50 mile radius...ya, that guy. This flavor is him. Scents of coffee, leather, clove, oud wood, and a big whiff of irony. 

The One-Eyed Woodsmith is a tribute to the greatest high school class ever....Woodshop!  Our teacher....we shit you not...had a glass eye!  For some reason, he was always stressing tool safety.  The scent itself is of freshly cut wood.  Whether it by powersaw or your felling axe, enjoy the scent and always wear safety glasses!



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