Our 2023 Wrap Up

As we find ourselves in the final week of 2023, it’s the perfect time to reflect on all the experiences that have defined our journey throughout the year. These past 12 months have been filled with challenges, triumphs, and growth. In this blog post we will take a look at all of our adventures, and wrap up everything that shaped our year. 

Let’s kick things off by celebrating the achievements that have defined our year. We were thrilled to kick off the year with the honor of being recognized in several categories in CityView’s Best Des Moines as well as the Wedding Choice Gold Award. We love serving our community and are so thankful for everyone who voted to get us these incredible awards. 

This year we started this blog - a platform designed to offer our clients, friends, and family engaging content. From all new delectable recipes, to insightful party guides, we aspired to give you a little taste of everything. Writing these weekly posts has been a blast, and we’re eagerly anticipating the exciting blog schedule we have planned for the upcoming year. 

Branching out and trying new things is constantly on our agenda. This year, for the first time, we participated in the Des Moines Holiday Boutique. This experience was nothing short of exhilarating - interacting with all the different vendors, engaging with customers, and showcasing our unique merchandise. Like any debut, it brought valuable lessons, and we are committed to making improvements for next year! 

Adding another layer of excitement, we introduced the NFL Lounge this year. Armed with the NFL Sunday Ticket, and fueled by our love for football, we opened the doors of Your Private Bar every time there was an NFL game on. The goal of this was to get people out of the house, giving them a sports bar-like feel minus the hustle and bustle of the crowds. 

Every experience, every event, every day in the service industry presents an opportunity for improvement. Challenges, though not always broadcasted, are integral to growth as a business. As your local mobile bar experts, we embrace the challenges from 2023 as stepping stones to elevate our services to new heights in 2024. 

We have so much to look forward to in the next year and we couldn’t be more proud of everything we have accomplished in 2023. Our sights are set on the new year and all the opportunities that we have in front of us. The highs and the lows of this past year have continued to shape us into the flourishing business that we are. Here’s to bidding farewell to a year of growth and ushering in a new year filled with opportunities. The journey continues, and we’re ready for the success, resilience, and triumphs that await us in the pages of 2024. Cheers to the culmination of a remarkable year and the promise of an even brighter future! 

If you missed any of our past posts, you can read them here, and don’t forget to look out for next week's blog post; Welcome to 2024.  

Thanks for reading, we appreciate you!! Cheers!

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