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GlassTats Drink Markers

GlassTats Drink Markers

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Our drink markers help keep the party goin' without the worry of mixing up glasses or spreading cooties. So fill 'er up, toast to another year...and cheers!

Use GlassTats when you need to know whose glass is whose, or to add flair to your insta posts. Our dissolvable drink markers stick on any glass and dissolve under warm water or in the dishwasher. We have three collections to choose from:

The Birthday Party Collection includes 12 drink markers: party animal, young, wild & free, light & bright, fun-fetti ready, here for cake, it's my party, gettin' toasty, hooray it's your bday, poppin' bottles, birth-yay!, oldie but goodie and so. much. fun.

Is it Taco Tuesday? The Fiesta Time GlassTats will both brighten up the event AND ensure everyone sips safely. Our Fiesta Time collection includes 12 drink markers (and a few bonus!): Spicy, Guac Dirty to Me, Nacho Drink, !Mas!, Let's Fiesta, Taco 'bout a Party, So Salty, A Little Loco, But First, Tequila, Margarita Mamacita, En Fuego...and a few other cute flowers to add some flair to your fiesta!

Our Happy Hour GlassTats drink markers help to set a fun mood while making sure you know who's drink is who's. While we've named them happy hour, they really work all the time, all year long, at any event!  We recommend you use them with your family, offer them to guests, bring them as a hostess gift, send them as a birthday present or use them alone! Our happy hour GlassTats collection includes 12 drink markers: not yours, half full, liquid gold, hands off, spicy, salty, double, gimme more, mine, taken, thirsty, and not water.

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